Japanese Readifier
Gloss sentences, search definitions and kanji, and find articles you can read from almost any website.
Search multiple online websites in a side-by-side view, with a built-in adblocker, and CSS/Javascript customization support.

Experimental Online Tools

Japanese Text Difficulty Checker
Compares Japanese texts to a list of vocabulary you know, and displays the difficulty of the text.
Japanese Kanji Search
Easily find similar kanji by radical components, from over 6000 kanji, complete with reading data.
Japanese Cloze Tester
Generate cloze tests for the Japanese language, by word steps, or part of speech.

Browser Scripts

These scripts improve study efficiency and website functionality, and can be installed with browser addons like TamperMonkey.

View all scripts here.

Lang-8 - All Corrections View Enhancer
Easier to read and view corrections in the All Corrections viewer, especially for Japanese.
Memrise Timer Disabler
Disables the timer on, allowing peaceful study at one’s own pace.
Quizlet - Hotkeys to Find Cards by Accuracy
Hotkeys to quickly and easily find cards depending on accuracy.
Tech Support Scam Site Blocker
Block scam sites by detecting common terminology, phrasing, and javascript obfuscation techniques used by scammers.
Suspicious Website TLD Blocker
Block websites that use domain extensions often associated with spam, scams, and malware.

Autodesk Maya 2012 Scripts

Camera Movement Scale
A tool to change the rotation, pan and zoom speed of the Maya viewport camera from one UI window.
Export scenes from Maya as FBX with textures to a Unity assets directory, with the same naming convention. Various options to automate clean up of the file on export, and version up the current Maya scene file. Features a one-click export.


Japanese-English Fuzzy Match Algorithm
A fuzzy match algorithm that displays the sameness between two Japanese or English sentences as a percentage.
Dark Grape Theme for Visual Studio Code
A dark blue and purple theme with green, yellow, or pink leaves.