Japanese Readifier - Dictionary and Readability Assistant

Japanese Readifier encourages the reading of texts within your ability level, by grading the difficulty of texts and articles from the words you know. Read more enjoyably and efficiently. Lessen your workload, rather than waste time attempting to learn too many new words at once. Break Japanese sentences into English definitions, search kanji by similarity, and find the latest readable articles from various news websites.

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Requirements: Windows 7/8/10; 300MB Storage


Break down sentences and look up words

Clearly see all definitions, providing you with the control to find the best definitions suited for the context. Bookmark words, save words to a text file for flashcard programs like Anki SRS, or quickly look up words on other Japanese dictionary websites.

Find similar kanji

Search by kanji, or its components, spelling or definition, and find similar looking kanji. Avoid confusion, and look up new kanji by already known kanji or components.

Find readable articles

Subscribe to a website's news feed, by RSS or its article page, and the most recent articles will be found and graded for you. No need to waste time by manually opening every article and copy-pasting its text to find its readability.


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