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Kai is currently pursuing work opportunities as a Japanese to English translator who specializes in computing. Texts translated and transcreated by Kai for clients include promotional texts such as for a car parts company, mobile games and applications, academic texts, news articles, manga comics, advertisements, and other media. Additionally, Kai has contributed preliminary translations for editorial review and naturalization by a native Japanese translator, Yuji Hirano, whom references are available from. One particular work of preliminary translation is the Japanese subtitles for the indie film titled ‘The “Don’t Be Like Roy” Campaign’.

Translation Excerpts

Academic Text: Yayoi Era Play

Role: Primary Translator.
Language Direction: Japanese to English.

The train arrived at the station, where the little girl Amo got off at. Holding a small suitcase in hand, and wearing a teal-colored coat. Amo took a deep breath, and looked at her surroundings from the platform. Her breath turning white.
The developing, organized and futuristic town is vast. From the platform, she took the escalator to in front of the station’s bus stop, and waited for the bus.
The bus arrived, and she crowded on, sitting onto a one-person seat. Amo gazed outside nostalgically through the window, where the town rushed into reflection. She closed her eyes.

Technological News Article: SAO Future Lab

Role: Sole Translator.
Language Direction: Japanese to English.


Additionally to utilize cloud computing, high speeds, broadband internet, and even low latency communication will become essential. As such, the outlook is sufficiently bright. By using the next generation portable communication technology of 5G which is being aimed at commercial startups in 2020, compared to the communication speed of current 4G, its technical specifications being decided for implementation will have more than 10Gbps which is 10x higher, with a system capacity of 4G which is 100x higher, over 100x concurrent connections of 4G, and a latency of under 1ms. Furthermore, 6G and 7G are also starting to be developed. As such, it is probable that even cloud computing will become able to be utilized in a favorable sense and carry out processing by handheld devices.

Data Security

Within means which are under Kai’s control, data is securely stored. For example:

  • Computer systems are maintained to be virus-free.
  • Data is transferred via HTTPS connections.
  • Complex and unique passwords are used.
  • Sensitive data is encrypted.
  • Contracts and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) are respected.

School of Thought

The following are books that Kai subscribes to for translation theory and application:

  • Introducing Translation Studies: Theories and Applications by Jeremy Munday
  • The Routledge Course in Japanese Translation by Yoko Hasegawa
  • Japan Style Sheet: The SWET Guide for Writers, Editors and Translators by Society of Writers, Editors and Translators