When studying with a Japanese partner, you may receive corrections in different formats. It may be difficult to distinguish corrections and mistakes, or reformatting the corrections to be easy to read. Here are issues I have had to deal with, and how I fixed them.

It can be difficult to find reasonly priced sources for good quality anime with original Japanese voices and subtitles. Amazon was my first option, where I had looked to order Youkai watch (妖怪ウォッチ) from Japan. However, none of the product pages seemed to have the episode count visible, but the run-time was visible. From this, there appeared to be about 24 episodes in each box. Quickly, I realized this would be between $40-$60 USD. Quite expensive! The preowned options were cheaper at around $25 USD, however, this relies on trusting the quality of discs. Thankfully, the sellers listed every defect of the disc, packaging, and missing additions. Even so, with the shipping costs included, this would easily become about $40 USD or more. For this reason, I decided to try the Malaysian versions found on Ebay for $20 USD, with 76 episodes, included with free shipping. This is my review.




I may be silly, but not stupid!


As a beginner in Japanese, knowing where to find dictionaries or how to search for definitions can be confusing. Knowing where to find reputable information is essential for good study habits, and to minimize mistakes when speaking in Japanese. Here are a variety of resources to start you on your way.