Kubuntu is essentially Ubuntu, an open-source linux operating system, with a different skin and a few other changes. The skin which comes with Kubuntu, KDE and Plasma, already has a Windows-like layout. However, there are customization options to improve the layout and interactions to be more like Windows. The other day, I spent a couple of hours searching for these settings and making notes for a new installation. To save you time, here are my notes!

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Freelance marketplaces are websites which step in to help manage business logistics for freelancers who work through their marketplace. These websites are different to job listing websites. Although freelance marketplaces allow the listing of work like job listing sites, freelance marketplaces are like having an assistant who manages your business for you. These marketplaces help you to market yourself, advertise to potential clients that you are available, prove that you can fulfill work, set prices and get paid. Like hiring an assistant, these websites take a fee for managing your business.


Riddles in Japanese, nazo nazo なぞなぞ, are similar to riddles in English. Often, they are just a play on words. Despite the cultural differences, Japanese seems to take it to the next level with more double meanings and homophones. After spending time with them, I found that the children’s riddles are rather lovingly adorable. Here they are, with dialogue transcripts I had with a Japanese friend.