Setup Kubuntu as a Windows Alternative

Kubuntu is essentially Ubuntu, an open-source linux operating system, with a different skin and a few other changes. The skin which comes with Kubuntu, KDE and Plasma, already has a Windows-like layout. However, there are customization options to improve the layout and interactions to be more like Windows. The other day, I spent a couple of hours searching for these settings and making notes for a new installation. To save you time, here are my notes!

Use the start menu & search for “mouse”, or “system settings” and open the mouse settings.

  • Icons > double click: on
  • Advanced > mouse wheel scroll by: 1

Right click desktop > configure desktop.

  • Layout: folder view
  • Mouse actions: all standard
  • Icons: Size small (3rd notch) & text lines 1
  • Preview thumbnails: on
  • Tool tips: on
  • Tweaks > Show desktop toolbox: off

Folder Manager - Dolphin
Open any folder (from desktop, or start menu). From the top menu > control menu button > open Configure Dolphin.

  • Trash > Delete after: 7 days
  • General >
    • View: use common properties for all: on
    • Previews: enable for all images and videos
  • From the control menu > Panels
    • Information Panel: on
  • Preview: on

Start Menu

  • To pin applications to the start menu, right-click an app from the apps tab and “add to favorites”.
  • To remove tabs from the start menu, right-click the start menu > application launcher settings, and hide tabs.

Right click the bottom taskbar > task manager settings.

  • Cycle through windows with scroll wheel: off
  • Sorting: manually
  • Grouping: do not group (for windows vista and below)
  • Filters: all off

If your audio card cannot be configured from the taskbar audio icon, it may need to be set up through alsamixer.

  • From the start menu, search for “konsole”. Once open, type in “alsamixer”. Press F6 to select audio card, use arrow keys change settings.

System Settings
Use the start menu to search for System Settings.

  • Startup & shutdown (Desktop Sesson)
    • On login > start with an empty sesson: on
  • Workspace theme (Cursor):
    • Breeze Snow
  • Desktop Behavior (Desktop effects):
    • Desktop grid: off
    • Present windows: off
  • Desktop behavior (screen edges):
    • Active screen edges: disable all, as no action
  • Desktop behavior (screen locking):
    • The lock screen can be disabled here.
  • Desktop behavior (Virtual desktops):
    • Number of desktops: 1
  • Window management (window behavior):
    • Advanced > placement: centered
  • Applications:
    • The defaults can be changed here, including file associations.
  • Display & monitor (Compositor):
    • Application speed 3
  • Power management:
    • Can set when to turn the screen off or suspend the computer

Moving Firefox or Thunderbird profiles from Windows

  • Firefox profile:
    • Copy from Windows AppData folder to the Kubuntu hidden folder “/home/USERNAME/.mozilla”
  • Thunderbird:
    • Use the addon ImportExportTools & import emails with subdirectories.
    • Contact book import as csv file

Know about other settings? Let everyone know below!